Future Phones Will Be Free of Ports

Smartphone makers are constantly looking for ways to develop smartphones and their functions to become more flexible and faster in their various tasks.

In 2017, we saw how smartphone screen sizes began to increase, and more markedly in 2018, The largest of the smartphones come with 6-inch screens and began to spread as well as the design of the notch or the top notch that cuts the screen to the front camera as seen on the Apple iPhone X, The smaller V-shaped Nose appeared on the Oppo F9 phone, and the pinhole phones appeared on the screen like the Samsung Galaxy A8s, which came with a camera hole at the top of the front end, and then full-screen phones appeared as the Oppo Find X phone, , But the future seems to carry more. Future phones will come completely free of ports.

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It seems that the Chinese company Meizu has made a big jump into the future by launching a full smartphone without any holes with a full screen and even it was completely free from any ports for charging or for external speakers or even the front camera, according to one of the thrill images that appeared to the device, Completely free from any ports, the full front screen, rear-end design and almost completely finished limbs, which Vivo is also looking for in its forthcoming in-line APEX 2019, comes with a solid metal-like design.

Although it is possible that many of the criticisms will be directed at these new designs, it will have many other advantages. It will provide greater resistance to dust and water. It may also come with a built-in camera. The phone comes with a front and rear camera built into the design. The front camera comes built-in at the bottom of the screen, which Meizu and Vivo may use on their next phones.

This design may also come with some disadvantages. Users will not be able to charge these phones when the wireless charger that connects to the phone is magnetic. The biggest problem is how difficult it is to fix these phones. Here we wait for some information to be reassured.

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In the same way, many companies are developing their future folding phones with a lot of surprises in the design. We have seen many exciting pictures of the phones of many companies, such as Samsung and the phones of Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, and LG. All of these companies have already obtained a patent Invention of these phones, we already saw many of its thrill pictures, as we saw the first phone with a folding screen named Flex Pai from the Chinese company Royole.

It seems that the smartphone market is waiting for many surprises in the independent, always follow us to get to know everything that is new.