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Oppo officially introduced first hidden front camera under screen


There has always been the talk among smartphone manufacturers about providing a hidden camera under screen, all the hype derived from the quest for the perfect phone without accessories may have an area that would prefer to allocate the screen.

The Chinese company Oppo has already achieved this, or at least that’s what it claims, as it unveiled new technology at the WMC conference in Shanghai.

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The company has developed the Selfie camera “Convergence” with its quality in other smartphones, with the idea of “Under-Screen Camera” or “USC” technology, which is based on a model of a modified camera to capture more light in conjunction with Using software equations and artificial intelligence to improve camera performance.

The company said that its phones in the future will contain a material “Very Transparent” to balance the lighting from the screen and light coming from the vicinity of the phone to take pictures, and the camera has a larger to get more lighting, and control the pixels surrounding the hidden lens, Of light.

The company promised its users to get better images, although it did not mention the phone that compares its images.

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The company did not say when technology was expected to come into the market. At first glance, it might seem that Oppo is trying to shake off criticism of its F11 phone with a pop-up camera, but at least a first step in getting users to a phone with a hidden camera.

Samsung also announced its intention to manufacture a phone with a hidden camera and has also not announced a specific time for it.

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