Redmi K20 phone sells close to 1 million phones so far

Redmi K20 phone sells close to 1 million phones so far

The Redmi K20 was able to break a new record with his brother K20 Pro in China, where the two phones sold more than a million copies in his life cycle.

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The K20 series was introduced on May 28, which meant that the company needed 4-5 quick downs and quick sales to reach more than 1 million sold units. Remember that this number of sales came only from the Chinese market. Other markets such as the Indian market and Arab markets.

I think the phone will easily be able to break this number faster than this once the K20 Pro is sold out of the Chinese market, especially in areas that prefer medium and low-end phones such as the Arab and Egyptian markets specifically so we can not wait to see these results.

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To celebrate the figure, the company’s sales manager in China said any K20 user would get a 10,000Mb power bank while Redmi K20 Pro users would have a chance to get a fast charger at a discounted price of less than $ 5.