Apple Foldable iPhone Design Leak

Samsung announced the official date for the unveiling of the first folding phone. This phone had announced on the seventh of this November in San Francisco, USA in a very big surprise and uncovered this important event through our site, at the same time We have seen a lot of news that Apple is about to make the first folding phone in the history of the company and we will present everything we know about it now.

Samsung Galaxy X Infinity Flex Display phone revealed, Price, Full Specifications & Features

Apple acquired a new patent for the manufacture of a retractable smartphone. The company obtained this patent through the US Patent Office so that the phone will be able to fold itself twice and not once, so it is possible to make a phone The size of the tablet can be folded twice for up to the size of the normal smartphone.

Royole’ “FlexPai” First Foldable Smartphone

This step comes with the growing desire of many smartphone companies in the development of folding phones like the industry giants Huawei and Samsung, but this technology is still very difficult for many companies, especially that the manufacture of folding screens fully is almost impossible now and there is no news now about the start of the manufacture of the phone or price But Apple‘s entry into the market will accelerate this process very much and will help other companies to do so.

Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, however, have been beaten in foldable phones market by Royole, a Chinese start-up, which unveiled a foldable Android phone with a bigger screen, priced from around $1,300. Royole said it would start filling orders in late December.