Samsung Galaxy S10’s Exynos Superpass Snapdragon in AnTuTu Test

Samsung recently unveiled its latest industry-leading chipset, the Exynos 9820, which we are waiting for on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10.


Samsung Galaxy S10 Major Leaks Updates


The Exynos 9820 surpassed the Snapdragon 8150 in the performance test results of the AnTuTu platform for smartphone testing and chip processing performance and achieved 325, 076 points, while the new phones may also include a separate artificial intelligence unit to identify more of the different elements that the phone interacts with either the camera or through the sound, in addition to supporting the phone with the new user interface of Samsung One UI, which offers many wonderful features for phone.


Previously in October 2018 on AnTuTu rating Huawei Mate 20 was a leader, which is embedded with Exynos 9820, but now we have a new leader Samsung Galaxy S10, So now here we bring the latest news and details about Galaxy 10.




There is a lot of rumors about the design of the phone and the possibility to come with a full screen with a small hole in the upper left of the center to install the camera, which means that Notch may come in the form of letter O at the top of the screen that will come full extended from the edge to the edge with thin frames around, The fingerprint sensor will be integrated into the front screen with ultrasound technology to cover about 30% of the screen area, and we think it will be better than the rectangular fingerprint sensor that Samsung always uses in the backend.


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There have also been some leaks about keeping the phone’s headphone entry, a feature that all the leading smartphones are no longer offering.

The phone may also come with a subtle interface in gradient colors as we are used to this year’s modern phones.



The phone is expected to come with three rear cameras as Samsung did with the Samsung Galaxy A7- 2018, as well as a dual front camera, and no other details were announced.



According to the tests of the AnTuTu platform, the Exynos 9820 chipset achieved 325,076 degrees of performance compared to the Snapdragon 8150 or Snapdragon 855 that Qualcomm will launch next year, which has achieved higher results. This is contrary to Samsung’s assertion that its chips will outperform On the competing treatment segments.


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However, there is no need to worry about the performance of the phone. Samsung will probably do what it does every year for the US and Chinese versions of the phones, so that US and China phones will usually get the Qualcomm processor version.


Operating System:

The new phones will come with the latest Android OS from Pie 9.0 with a completely new user interface from Samsung that was announced at its last developer conference on November 7th as One UI. This interface features many new features For Samsung phones such as easy access to the contents of the screen by splitting the screen into two parts, so that the upper area specifically to display the content of the applications in full, while the bottom area of all options and control buttons and interaction to become close to the palm and easy to access, New in the interface makes it easy to use the phone.


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So far, this is all we know about the phone and its performance and the new Samsung processing chips, as well as the user interface, as you notice there are many changes in the policy of Samsung smartphones in terms of design, performance and interface, which we may name Samsung boom to develop phones on the occasion of the passage of 10 Years on the series of leading S phones, similar to what Apple did next year with the iPhone X or iPhone (iPhone 10), then follow us to get to know everything about the new Samsung technologies coming.