Facebook explains why Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram users faces difficulty

Facebook explains why Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram users faces diffulty

Users of the social networking giant “Facebook“, and applications WhatsApp and Instagram “on Wednesday, technical problems while using the three platforms.

Many users around the world said they had problems sending, uploading and uploading images on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Some pointed out that they had difficulty accessing their accounts on Instagram.

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Many also complained that they could not upload photos and videos on the three social networks.

The company did not issue an explanation of the problem so far.

The problem has hit European and US servers mainly (including the country’s servers).

The company announced earlier this year that it is seeking to integrate the messaging feature into its three platforms.

The last time the company’s applications stopped working was on April 14.

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Facebook’s Explanation

Facebook solved the problem faced by users in sending and uploading files and video through their applications and platforms for social networking.

“During one of our regular maintenance operations, we have created a problem that makes it difficult for some people to upload or send pictures and video clips,” Facebook said.

Facebook, which reaps tens of millions of dollars in advertising revenue every day, declined to comment when asked whether it would return the money to the affected companies.

In a similar incident in March, the company said it would consider returning the money to affected advertisers.

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“The disruption is apparently related to an internal infrastructure or an application-specific problem,” said Thousand Ayes, which monitors the Internet globally.

The partial disruption caused the users of the largest social networking network to be frustrated, and many people turned to Twitter to complain.