A sudden glitch in Twitter turns “Private” to “General”

A sudden glitch in Twitter turns "Private" to "General"

Twitter has admitted that an application flaw for Android smartphone users has turned private Twitter users into public Twitter.

The company said that users of Android application are vulnerable to the possibility of exposure to privacy because of the defect in the application, even if they choose the option of privacy.

Twitter Cracks Down On Malicious Apps

The company allowed Twitter users the right to protect their Tweets and hide them from the public and allow only a limited or private category of followers to only see the tweets from their accounts.

Application users often protect their tweets because allowing anyone to see them may put them at risk to cause them problems that are beyond belief.

According to Twitter, users of the Android operating system are affected by the “If they make changes or changes in their account settings”, such as changing the email they use in the application.

“It only affects users of the Android system and never affects users of iPhone or Internet phones,” Twitter wrote on its Web site help page.

“We apologize for what happened, and we are working on a comprehensive review to help prevent such a disorder again,” according to the newspaper “Independent” British.

Whatsapp Black is Coming

The company has informed and corrected bugs, but at the same time urges them to review their privacy settings to ensure that their bugs are fixed, because they can not confirm this for all users on Android phones.

The confessions of this social network came as the trend towards greater transparency was aimed at increasing pressure on the company.