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Facebook launches Avatars in Pakistan

Facebook has officially launched Avatars in Pakistan. The social network issued an announcement which stated: “We’ve been rolling out Avatars in several countries around the world, and are excited to launch in Pakistan. With so...

Facebook launches new product in Pakistan to limit spread of misinformation

Facebook has launched a new product in Pakistan to help limit the spread of misinformation and to provide people using the platform with additional context before they share images that are more than a...

Facebook’s new design will appear in September 2020

Facebook’s new design set to appear in September for the users. However, the users also had the option to turn back to the “old” Facebook interface.  The updated interface was announced at last year’s Facebook...

Facebook Messenger introduced Screen Sharing for Video Calls

No doubt, Facebook is one of the widely used platforms, and it keeps on launching new features in "Facebook Messenger" to stay the user’s interest intact. Keeping in sight the growing trend of video calling...
Millions of Facebook users phone numbers leaked

Facebook mobilized to prevent rumors about the Corona “COVID 19”

Facebook has also introduced a new tool in this regard after WhatsApp announced the prevention of Corona virus-related rumors and spreading authentic information to consumers. Company CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the Corona Virus Information...
Is Pakistan becoming the next big market for new technology companies?

Google, Facebook and Twitter threaten to stop services in Pakistan

Technology and social media companies in Pakistan protested against the new government control rules that are called protecting Pakistani citizens, as the rules recently laid down by the government of Pakistan require social media...
Facebook Admits Phone Numbers of 267 Million Users Leaked

Facebook Admits Phone Numbers of 267 Million Users Leaked

Facebook announced yesterday, Thursday, that it is investigating a report about publishing information on the Internet related to the names and phone numbers of more than 267 million people. This database was available for download...
Your Facebook account password might be at risk

Your Facebook account password might be at risk

Some "hackers" were able to use the "Notes" tool in order to trick Facebook users to give up their passwords, by sending an email address, entering it and transferring all the information about their...
Millions of Facebook users phone numbers leaked

Facebook Viewpoint App to pay users $600 for taking survey

Facebook pays $600 to users sharing opinions on its new application “Viewpoint ” that may be introduced to facilitate its marketing research purpose. The viewpoint can repay users voluntary management to participate in research, surveys,...
Facebook explains why Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram users faces diffulty

Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger are down due to technical fault

Facebook, Instagram, and the Messenger app were hit by a sudden technical failure on Thursday evening, hitting different parts of the world. Despite the extent of the problem, it did not affect all users, and...