Instagram Adds Voice Messaging Feature to Instagram Direct

The Instagram application for sharing photos and videos, on Monday, announced the addition of Voice Messaging to Live Messaging.

The new feature allows users to send recorded voice messages as in private messaging via Facebook and WhatsApp.


WhatsApp introduced it’s new feature “Vacation Mode”


The recording time will be limited to a maximum of one minute per voice message, users can press the microphone icon and record the sound and press the send button.

Voice messages have become very important for users, providing plenty of time to write, and many expatriates consider them an alternative to international phone calls.

The voice messaging feature is supported for the iOS and Android version of the app. And messages could be up to one minute long.

Facebook, which acquired Instagram in April 2012, is trying to make it the most popular photo application, the second-largest social networking platform after Facebook.

Facebook used to introduce the new features of it’s self to other applications such as WhatsApp and Instagram.


Facebook Messenger finally introduced “UNSEND” Feature


How Can You Send Voice Messaging On Instagram?


Instagram’s voice messaging feature is pretty simple to use. According to the social media platform, voice messaging feature works just like the DMs on Instagram do, but instead of typing your message, you record it and send it through the platform instead. When you’re ready to record your message, just press down on the microphone icon, say what you gotta say, and then when you release the mic icon, your message will automatically send, pretty easy peasy.