Mean3 Recognized for Expertise by Shopify, Invited to NYC Headquarters

Mean3 Recognized for Expertise by Shopify, Invited to NYC Headquarters

Highlighting the burgeoning tech landscape in Pakistan, Mean3 recently received an exclusive invitation from Shopify to their headquarters in New York City, acknowledging their prowess in the industry.

Mean3, led by Abdul Hadi Siraj, has emerged as a distinguished software house and marketing agency globally, with a focus on revolutionizing businesses worldwide. Their track record includes partnerships with over 200 global enterprises and a string of accolades.

This invitation from Shopify marks a significant milestone as they collaborate closely with a select group of 15 high-value agencies worldwide. Prior to the main event, Mean3 will engage in a personalized 1:1 meet-up, providing a direct channel for discussing updates and future plans for the Shopify platform.

The agenda includes soliciting insights and feedback from Mean3 regarding potential developments aimed at enhancing the customer experience. Roundtable discussions will cover recent updates, forthcoming innovations, and provide a platform for agencies to share best practices and troubleshoot challenges collaboratively.

Shopify stands as a transformative platform for those venturing into e-commerce, offering user-friendly tools and customizable features. Mean3, specializing in Shopify Plus and other cutting-edge technologies, serves as a go-to partner for businesses seeking innovative e-commerce solutions.

Founded in 2016, Mean3, under Abdul Hadi Siraj’s leadership, has grown from a freelancer endeavor to a company with over 100 experts and offices in New York and Pakistan. Their diverse array of services includes e-commerce development, website design, mobile application development, game development, social media management, SEO, lead generation, performance marketing, and staff augmentation.

Mean3’s commitment to excellence and cost-effective solutions fosters enduring relationships with clients, positioning them as a formidable player in the competitive e-commerce landscape. Learn more about their offerings at