Brain Drain in Pakistan, Over 450,000 Pakistanis Left Country in 2023

Brain Drain in Pakistan, Over 450,000 Pakistanis Left Country in 2023

In the initial seven months of 2023, a staggering exodus of more than 450,000 Pakistanis Left Country and has been witnessed as they embark on a quest for enhanced employment prospects in foreign lands.

As unveiled by data sourced from the Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment, the tally of Pakistanis formally enrolled for overseas occupation during the first seven months of the present calendar year, up until July, has reached a substantial 450,110.

A meticulous analysis of the numbers discloses that among those departing the nation during this scrutinized span, 192,188 were categorized as laborers, while 96,466 bore the designation of drivers. This departing cohort also encompassed 4,705 engineers, 4,431 accountants, 1,925 medical practitioners, and 764 educators.

Further delving into the breakdown based on occupational clusters, the bureau’s records elucidate that among the emigrants, 12,787 exhibited high qualifications, while 26,405 showcased highly honed skills.

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Among the entire population undertaking this overseas journey, a significant segment, comprising 205,515 individuals, chose Saudi Arabia as their destination. The United Arab Emirates was the next favored choice, attracting 121,745, followed by Qatar with 35,637 and Oman with 34,140. The roster of significant destinations also includes Malaysia (16,166), Bahrain (7,441), Greece (2,565), Romania (3,275), and Iraq (2,119).

It remains crucial to emphasize that the data put forth by the Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment solely accounts for individuals who have formally registered with the Bureau. Those who relocate abroad for educational pursuits or via alternative pathways like direct immigration are not encompassed within this enumeration.

In the preceding year, a notable 832,339 Pakistani nationals ventured abroad in pursuit of professional engagement, marking the highest numerical surge since the year 2016.