WhatsApp update will offers a special feature for close friends

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The WhatsApp is testing a new feature that allows special treatment for close friends of the user based on the study of the interaction between the two parties.

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According to our correspondent, this feature will give priority to what close friends will share during the status display on WhatsApp, so the people who are most important to you will be at the forefront.

This new algorithm seeks to arrange what users share, ensuring that they receive and interact with people who are highly placed in the user.

This algorithm monitors the behavior of the user in the application to prioritize. When you notice that you have been talking to someone frequently, Watsab is more careful to show what he or she is sharing.

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The expected property depends on precise criteria. It distinguishes between a friend, who sends you messages and you do not answer him, and the one who sends you to interact with him. In the first case, Watsab realizes that you are not interested in him and puts him on the last list.

If you make voice or video calls, WhatsApp recognizes that the interaction has reached its peak and then begins to give it a priority in the display.

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Social platforms have long enabled this feature by using algorithms. For example, when a user wants to send a picture to Messenger, the application directly suggests the most people he communicates with.

In addition, Facebook is keen to show content that is shared by the closest and most interactive friends while excluding content from people with whom there is no interaction.