WhatsApp introduced it’s new feature “Vacation Mode”

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WhatsApp Instant Messaging has found a definitive solution for people who are annoyed by the huge amount of messages they receive from group conversations, and at the same time are reluctant to withdraw.

According to the Daily Mail, the new WhatsApp upgrade will allow users to choose the “vacation mode” in the group talks.

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It’s a toggle-on setting available for both iPhone and Android users. This mode allows you to archive all group conversations, and will prevent annoying notifications from reaching your phone without notifying the group of your edit.

The “Vacation Mode” aims to stay in the group in a “silent” way, meaning that you will not receive any notification of a new message, and you will not have to read it. The latest update to WhatsApp will mean messages sent to group chats are automatically archived so they do not appear anywhere on your phone screen.

Until now, muting group chats only disable push notifications from the messaging app, meaning unread messages still appear on the WhatsApp icon.

If you archive a message today, it’ll be hidden from your main chat page. If you want to return to your group activity, you will be able to edit your “status” and return to the post normally.

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This feature is expected to be released in the next update of the famous application, owned by Facebook.

WhatsApp, launched in 2009, is used by more than 1.5 billion people today, surpassing Facebook Messenger and WeChat.