Forget the iPhone 11 learn about iPhone for 2020

Forget the iPhone 11 learn about iPhone for 2020

Millions of iPhone lovers are eagerly awaiting September for Apple’s biggest event to unveil the new iPhone 11, but it will shock you when you know that the iPhone 2020 is beginning to be designed, which will come with a more beautiful and better design.

Apple Is Planning To Launch A Triple Camera iPhone In 2019

Many people have described the iPhone 11 as ugly because of the big tri-camera in the back and the notch that has not changed since the iPhone X. The iPhone 2020 comes with a design inspired by the iPhone 5s, one of the most beautiful and successful versions of Apple, From the screen.

Apple is also providing the iPhone 2020 with a relatively low price after Chinese companies acquire the largest share of the market because of their low prices. According to our sources, companies such as Oppo, Huawei, and Xiaomi were able to determine market prices, despite Apple, which has been ahead for decades.

Expert advice: Do not buy a new iPhone before this step

Smartphone experts have advised waiting for the new version of the iPhone 2020, instead of being released two months later this year, to win those points at once, without paying a high price for a phone of the same design for the past two years.