Expert advice: Do not buy a new iPhone before this step

If you are planning to buy one of the new iPhone phones announced last Wednesday, tech experts advise you to wait and not be in a hurry.

Apple’s intention to launch the new operating system, the revolutionary “iOS 12,” is one of the things that should be delayed, so future updates may have advantages that prevent you from using a new device that costs you a lot of money.

Apple, the US company in New York, unveiled three new phones, including the iPhone XS, the iPhone XMax and the iPhone XR, amid a wide range of technology enthusiasts.

The iPhone X and iPhone X are expected to be available on Friday and will be available for sale next week, September 21, and iPhone X will only be available. On the 26th of October.


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As Apple’s new operating system will be launched next Monday, it will be wise to wait, especially as the upcoming update will have several advantages, such as speeding up the performance of older devices. Apple says that the acceleration of its popular iPhone 6s will reach 40 percent.

One benefit of this acceleration is that the owner of the old iPhone will be able to open the camera lens 70 percent faster than the current performance.

A number of web developers who tested a new operating system version said they had seen very good results, so the iOS12 could actually re-enrich the iPhone, especially since the new device did not bring new tempting features.