Facebook’s new design will appear in September 2020

Facebook’s new design set to appear in September for the users. However, the users also had the option to turn back to the “old” Facebook interface. 

The updated interface was announced at last year’s Facebook developer conference, and was eventually carried out on the iOS and Android versions of the company.

This received a broad release as an opt-in option on the web in March, leaving users able to choose to use the old version if they wish. Yet the old version will vanish for good, arriving in September. 

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“We changed our look at www.facebook.com. If you are using the new Facebook.com, you may temporarily turn back to the classic Facebook. Users will get the latest interface starting in September, “says Facebook’s support center. 

The Thursday note that came up on my screen said the “classic Facebook interface will no longer be available beginning in September,” and gave me the opportunity to provide input on why I’d like to turn back. 

The new layout is a significant shift from what has been used by Facebook for most of its history. It’s a lot cooler, contains a lot of white space, and for people who are in that sort of thing, there’s also a dark path. 

To anyone who forget, Facebook’s new design was first carried out to a select number of users and was finally open to all.

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The new-look removes the platform’s blue top navigation banner and has built-in dark mode. The logos and the features of the web edition of Facebook appear expanded in the old style, as opposed to the smaller ones.