Your Facebook account password might be at risk

Your Facebook account password might be at risk

Some “hackers” were able to use the “Notes” tool in order to trick Facebook users to give up their passwords, by sending an email address, entering it and transferring all the information about their account.

The “Notes” tool allows the user to write notes that contain the content with a main picture and title, with the ability to format it and add links and pictures to it directly inside the note.

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The hackers were able, according to our technology correspondent, to find a way through this tool to penetrate the users’ accounts, where the user receives a message on the basis that it is from Facebook, warns him that his personal page has been reported and he is at risk of losing it, and then invites the user to follow a link to verify his identity, and when the user enters the aforementioned link, another link to a false site is displayed on, and he is asked to fill in different details about his personal life.

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It will be easy to trick the user if he or she is not familiar with the Facebook user interface and the “Notes” tool, and once the person has filled in the required information from them their account will be compromised.