No doubt, Facebook is one of the widely used platforms, and it keeps on launching new features in “Facebook Messenger” to stay the user’s interest intact.

Keeping in sight the growing trend of video calling apps like Zoom and Google Meet during quarantine, Facebook is trying to catch it and incorporate it in its messenger app.

In the hope of creating its app like Zoom, Facebook has added a replacement feature to the messenger: Screen Sharing for video calls.

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Enjoy Screen Sharing for Video Calls in Facebook Messenger

This feature will soon go live in Facebook messenger for Android and iOS and permit you to share the screen with friends while you’re having a video call with them.

This feature will add group video calls of up to eight people, and for the room, 16 people can enjoy this feature. Since both Facebook groups and Rooms offer video calling features, one can reap the advantages of both platforms.

According to Facebook, by incorporating a screen sharing feature, it wants you to remain on the brink of your loved ones even when you are physically apart.

By sharing your screen, you’ll provide a view of anything you’re doing on your device. This feature perfectly fits corporate customers who got to share their screens to shows something.

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Right now, screen sharing is out there in messenger Rooms for up to 16 people. The social media giant plans to feature controls also, which can allow you to decide with whom you’ll share your screens.

Soon Facebook is going to be expanding this feature to 50 participants.