Google, Facebook and Twitter threaten to stop services in Pakistan

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Technology and social media companies in Pakistan protested against the new government control rules that are called protecting Pakistani citizens, as the rules recently laid down by the government of Pakistan require social media companies to open offices in Islamabad and create data servers to store information, as they Strict timelines are set for companies to remove content upon identification by authorities.

Through an alliance called Asia Internet Alliance (AIC) that includes Facebook, Google and Twitter, these companies have written a letter to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan warning against suspending operations in the country if the new rules are not revised.

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The companies said in their speech: “The rules as currently written will make it very difficult for AIC members to provide their services to Pakistani users and companies, since no other country has announced such a comprehensive set of rules, Pakistan risks becoming unnecessarily isolated, while depriving users And Pakistani companies are potential growth of the Internet economy. “

The companies added: “We seek to participate and enhance stakeholder dialogue between the public and private sectors, and exchange best practices and ideas about communications technology and the digital economy, and in line with our goal of supporting public policy and regulatory frameworks that facilitate the development of the national digital industry, we would like to share our initial views on The rules for protecting citizens in Pakistan against harm via the Internet, first and foremost, we would like to express our sincere concern that these rules, unless they are repealed, will severely hinder the growth of the Pakistani digital economy. “

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This surprise announcement of these rules contradicts the Pakistani government’s claims that it is open to business and investment, in fact it will make the written rules currently very difficult for AIC members to provide their services to Pakistani users and companies.

The Asia Internet Alliance (” AIC “) is an industry association that promotes understanding and resolution of Internet policy issues in the Asia Pacific region.