Whatsapp will stop on Windows Phone by December 31 and now with the details of the news are out.

A recent report revealed that Windows Phone users will need to change their smartphones by December 31, if they prefer to continue using the application WhatsApp, where the company revealed that support for WhatsApp on both Windows Phone and Windows Mobile will end after 31 Dec.

WhatsApp won’t work on these phones by February 2020

According to our correspondent, in May, WhatsApp revealed that it will stop support for Windows Phone on December 31, which means that users will not be able to find WhatsApp in the store as well.

Apart from Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile, WhatsApp will stop working on these platforms as well:

– Android versions 2.3.7 and older after 1 February 2020.

iPhone iOS 7 and earlier after February 1, 2020.

WhatsApp adds a feature to “hide” unwanted conversations

If you choose to stick to the Microsoft phone ecosystem, downloading the WhatsApp desktop app on your Windows 10 computer will be the only way to use WhatsApp, and it’s interesting that the Facebook-owned company is developing the desktop app for Windows users 10, but we have no information on when it was published.