Good Bye! Windows 10 Phones, end of an legacy

Microsoft has announced that it will finalize Windows 10 Mobile for smartphones by December.

Microsoft has updated the support page for Windows 10 Mobile, which means that the company will not support the troubled operating system in the future.

“As of December 10, 2019, the company will announce the cessation of support for this system, previously referred to as Windows Phone.”

Microsoft’s suspension of system support means that users will not receive technical updates, security, and free support.

Microsoft said: “With this system stopped working .. we recommend users to go to the Android or iOS.”

“Our mission now is to make our applications capable of supporting both systems in advance and the convenience of modern devices.”

The company had hinted that Windows 10 Mobile would be discontinued in 2017 when it said it would no longer develop new features and applications.

Two years ago, Microsoft founder Bill Gates announced that he was using an Android phone, noting that his phone “has a lot of Microsoft software.”