TikTok: How the Most Downloaded Online App Changed the World in 2020?

No app has been subjected to the same criticism and attempts at TikTok this year, from the emergence of evidence of algorithms in the app that obscure the poor or bloodthirsty content makers, to President Donald Trump’s intention to ban the app in the United States.

Despite this, the Chinese platform, which was the first major social media platform to be managed away from the censorship of Silicon Valley companies, has become one of the applications that social media users browse daily, along with WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter.

The application TikTok for short videos relies on algorithms to recommend content based on previous user behaviors, which made it one of the strongest competitors in the field of video viewing applications. But while the elderly were preoccupied with the national security risks that the Chinese Communist Party might pose and the United States ’attempts to divide the global Internet, teenagers continued to enrich this unparalleled tool in its power and influence with their creativity.

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With 2020 approaching its end, statistics indicate that the “TikTok” application is at the forefront of the most downloaded applications throughout the year, and the application has changed many aspects of our lives that go beyond the stages of the ways in which we follow the media watching, reading and listening.

I may be relatively older than the audience of TikTok, who are mostly between the ages of 13 and 24, but the chronological age does not constitute a barrier to belonging to the world of “Tik-Tok”, as long as you find no objection to indulging in the chaos of the Internet.

Sending private messages to the people you follow and flooding them with supportive comments and questions whenever they post a post is typical of Generation Z people who were born in the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s. Those who have grown up on digital media are not skeptical about supporting initiatives that deserve support and naturally love to ask questions and protest digitally through social media applications.

Similar to YouTube, the algorithms in the Tik Tok app subconsciously filter the content you prefer based on your previous behaviors on the site, but the difference is that the videos on the Tik Tok application are less than a minute long, allowing you to watch a large number. From the interesting videos at one time and getting to know the largest number of creators and the most popular clips and users, you will encounter the good, the bad, and the strange.

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The number of followers in 2020 has become synonymous with popularity. By virtue of my use of the application, I gathered 140,000 followers, and although this number is small compared to Internet users, I do not spend a vacation in a place without encountering someone who knows me on its streets. These people would not have known my face were it not for the ability of TikTok to reach people and lure them to stare at their screens for hours this year.

And like many content creators on TikTok, I have succeeded in attracting this number of followers because I act on myself without being pretentious. Gone are the edited and edited photos of celebrities on Instagram. People use the Tik Tok application to see ordinary people talking about things and experiences that they understand and are familiar with.

Below, we’ll show you the ways that Tik Tok content makers have changed in 2020, and may change in later years.

A New Era of Digital Political Mobility:

History pages may witness TikTok’s prominent role in the “Black Lives Matter” movement. The application promoted the hashtag on the most popular video clip page and gained more than 23 billion views thanks to it. The videos that Karim Rahma posted on TikTok to the rhythm of the song “This America” ​​have become a cultural milestone for young users who are yearning for change in the United States and abroad.

Few would remember that the pages “George Floyd” and “Black Lives Matter”, days after George Floyd’s murder, had gone unnoticed due to a “technical malfunction.” And a year before George Floyd was killed, the “Intercept” website found evidence indicating that TikTok administrators may have deliberately.

However, many people saw a major change in the platform recently, as the “Your Videos” page now includes more content creators from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

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The app played a prominent role in the anti-Trump protests, and it actually paid off. He credited the “TikTok” pioneers with a low turnout in the Trump re-election campaign in Tulsa in June.

Comic videos that changed the form of comics on the Internet:

The comic act on the application of “Tik Tok” has a special character, so the user has one minute to perform the scene and he must attract the viewer’s attention in the first seconds so that he does not get bored and search for another clip. And there were symbols and styles of representation that the user would immediately interact with, such as placing a towel on the head to pretend to be a woman.

Baron Ryan, who has attracted 700,000 followers because of his comic clips on TikTok, believes that the app offers a different form of comic acting. Many of the comic clips on the application are comic, and although they have achieved success in the traditional media, they have been widely popularized on this platform, whose users love to depart from the ordinary.

“The experience of watching the content in your hands and on your own is a special experience that television cannot replace,” says Ryan.

Ryan believes that the fame of the content creator also depends on his behavior and not only the quality of the content. One.
He believes that the application “Tik Tok” has produced a new kind of funny comedy. Perhaps it is not surprising that artists like Ryan have achieved widespread popularity for an app aimed at “Generation Z” in a world where existential problems and crises have increased.

A new space to achieve widespread fame:

Some celebrities used TikTok to promote their songs on the stage, as did singer Drake with his song “Tosi Slide.” But the most prominent feature of the application “Tik Tok” this year is the remarkable popularity of unknown singers and artists whose voices reached millions.

Lynn Lapid, for example, posted a video of her traumatic experience with a product that tried to exploit it when she was 17 to make money. Lapid shows her experience as a song while tapping the table with her hand. The clip gained 50 million views. And the young woman recorded her song, most likely without the help of the gasping producer.

Will Joseph Cook, whose song “Be Next to Me” achieved widespread popularity on the platform recently, says, “Traditional media does not help you achieve the global fame that you might achieve through TikTok.” Cook has attracted 200,000 followers and says the app “TikTok” provides a space for artists to show their other interests and sense of humor.

But he believes that the popularity of the application “TikTok” can not be achieved by anyone unless he is a user of the application. A good content creator should be familiar with the Tik Tok culture. And to follow closely its content.

A new era for collaborative art:

TikTok users collaborated on writing a lyrical musical based on the Pixar movie “Ratatouille”. The play is now showing on screens at a theater event on Broadway. The singles were written by users with a suitable musical background, and the “duet” feature allowed users to write melodies and songs in collaboration with strangers.

Users began submitting video clips of dance moves, costume designs, artwork, and stage performances to participate in the perfect collaborative musical work. At a time when there are many initiatives to coordinate artists through the “Zoom” app, Ratatouille’s musical is based on individual efforts via the Internet.

We have all become content makers:

While YouTube users are interested in editing videos before they are posted on the platform, TikTok users only need their phones to photograph themselves in their spare time at home or on the street, then use the image editing features provided by the app and download the clip immediately. The Most Popular clips are displayed on your Tracks page or the Explore Top clips page.

Before the emergence of TikTok, social media users were divided into influencers and regular users. The perfect gorgeous photoshoot would have been impossible to spread as Kim Kardashian’s, for example. But thanks to the application “TikTok”, the chances of the funny videos you publish to reach users around the world are no less than the chances of any other user, regardless of the number of followers.

Perhaps the spread of the “TikTok” application has prompted many to think about the advantages of following social media pages to escape reality, and raised questions about who controls what we publish and see online.

It is true that the emergence of a Chinese application competing for US social media has sparked a lot of criticism and politicized and hostile reactions to the Chinese, but it has increased awareness among Internet users of issues of privacy of their data and who can censor the content they see on their pages.

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So far, no evidence has been discovered that the application “TikTok” represents a danger to the data, and if the application continues to use the same algorithms, we may see in 2021 a wave of videos that could change the lives of many. The artistic expression may become synonymous with content making, and the fortunes of those who have mastered portrayals will increase.

Whether we disagree with that or accept it, this application will provide an opportunity for talented people, who have always felt injustice and marginalization, to appear and achieve the fame they deserve.

While platforms like Instagram have become a space in which big companies with huge marketing budgets gain attention, TikTok users are free to express their views in their own ways, defying the influence of algorithms, the Internet, and the world.