Huawei’s new “Harmony OS 2.0” is based on Google’s Android

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Huawei recently announced the launch of the first trial version of its operating system, HarmonyOS 2.0″, which the Chinese company is developing as an alternative to the famous Android operating system from Google, but the surprise revealed by one of the researchers is that the Harmony system is highly dependent On Google‘s Android system.

According to what was reported by the “GSM Arena” technical website, one of the developers explained that the new Huawei operating system, which was released for specific devices earlier last month, is still based on Android software to a large extent.

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While having a standalone operating system is beneficial to move away from the overall ecosystem of Apple’s iOS and Android from Google, this appears to be the first version of “Harmony OS 2.0 “is still based on Android.

One of the developers created a simple “Hello World” application that targets an old version of Android and found that the application displays a very similar error message on all virtual devices running the “Android” and “Harmony OS 2.0” operating systems.

The screenshot on the left shows the application installed on a virtual machine running on a newer version of Android Google, and the error indicates that the application is designed for an older version of Android and may not work properly on the new version.

While the screenshot on the right shows the application installed on a virtual machine running on the “Harmony OS 2.0” system, and the same error message appears, with a slight difference represented by the word “Harmony OS 2.0” instead of the word “Android”.

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The developer was also able to open the system section, which confirmed his theory that the Huawei operating system depends on the Android framework at least so far, as the Chinese company is still working on developing the operating system, the current beta version 2.0 may depend on Android, but the version may be able Final and stable realization of its own framework.

According to Huawei’s presentation, the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) should have been the starting point for what Harmony OS 2.0 is trying to achieve, not Google’s Android.