TikTok Patent ByteDance Will Launch a Music App

“ByteDance” the parent company of the “TikTok” application planning to launch a new music streaming app to compete Spotify named “Resso”.

TikTok Music App named Resso has been experimenting with India and Indonesia for the past six months, although ownership has not been revealed by ByteDance until recently.

The Chinese company has achieved tremendous success in TikTok, Which has collected more than 500 million users since its launch in China in 2016.

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The new TikTok Music App offers a unique experience for the music streaming model by giving it the character of a social network, according to the Chinese Technology News website Abacus.

The design is similar to an application Apple Music, However, the user experience is designed to be more group, as users can comment on sounds and create videos and animations from music clips.

Users will find it TikTok also navigates an App Resso is familiar, thanks to the fast controls for skipping songs.

Rumors surfaced that ByteDance was working on a music streaming app for the first time last month, prompting shares Spotify to fall.

The company is said to be in talks with music executives from Universal Music, Sony Music and Warner Music, all of whom are eager to earn money from an app TikTok are free to use.

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Expected to be raised ByteDance applicationResso is in Brazil and other emerging markets, before being introduced across the United States and Europe.

The Resso app is one of its new projects ByteDance, As it recently launched a new smartphone designed to work seamlessly with the Tik Tok app.