Now a new darker mode for Facebook Messenger

Facebook is been lately enhancing the look and feel of its Messenger. It is an interactive platform for users to chat and share stuff. Reducing it down to focus more on chat, and as promised it will ultimately roll out a dark mode for users.

The company recently rolled out the unsend option for messages sent on Messenger. Just like the Delete for Everyone feature in WhatsApp the unsend option will be there in Messenger, but with one big difference. In WhatsApp, you are given over an hour to delete the sent message whereas in Facebook Messenger you just got 10 minutes to delete the sent message.

Facebook Messenger finally introduced “UNSEND” Feature

But this new feature requires a tongue-in-cheek trick to activate the option that is you have to moon someone. Which means that you need to send a crescent moon emoji to someone (or yourself) to activate the dark mode.

Conferring to some report the dark mode feature is under beta tests and can be enabled by sending a crescent moon emoji to yourself or to someone. The test of the feature on both iOS and Android devices was done. The process is simple, all you have to do is to enable the feature by asking your friend to send you a crescent moon emoji or you can even send it to yourself in Android. After you received the emoji, you will see moons showering along with a pop-up message that says “You have found dark mode”. Now you can enable it from your Settings just go to your Messenger’s profile page and you will see an option to turn the dark mode on.

Whatsapp Black is Coming

There is an important note for the users that the dark mode feature is rolling out to only select users for now. The chat display place in the pop message tells that the feature may not appear everywhere.