Learn about the 6 strangest smartphones of 2020

2020 was a year full of many events through which a lot of smartphones were announced, which continued to appear from the beginning of the year to the end, but not all of them are the same, as some major companies to manufacture smartphones went out of their familiar versions, to present to all users about The world versions are strange and developed weird than usual.

According to what was mentioned by the technical site “TechRadar”, many advanced smartphones topped the news this year, including foldable phones that appeared for the first time during 2019, so we review the following list of the strangest phones that were revealed during 2020.

1. OnePlus Concept One:

Learn about the 6 strangest smartphones of 2020

The phone was the Chinese company OnePlus OnePlus Concept One is the most exciting phone at CES 2020 throughout January, where the phone comes with advanced technology that makes the rear cameras disappear by using glass that can be made transparent or opaque with one click of a button, and the developer phone is distinguished by that It comes with an orange leather back cover and McLaren-inspired stitching, even the opaque glass feature is inspired by the sunscreen on McLaren cars.

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2. Motorola Razr:

Learn about the 6 strangest smartphones of 2020

The Motorola Razr phone works with a hinge that bends the plastic screen in a class-exclusive way to prevent it from wrinkling. It is an advanced technology invented by Motorola to obtain a fully functional smartphone that turns into a form factor half the size of regular phones.

Many applications operate Through the external screen of the phone, including the camera, messages, calculator, Google Keep, Google News, Google Home, and YouTube, which work by default with the phone settings, however, you can manually grant permission for any application that does its work on the external screen and which now supports gesture navigation.

3. Moto G Stylus:

Learn about the 6 strangest smartphones of 2020

Motorola launched the budget G-series phones many years, but during the year 2020, the American company introduced a superphone that is the first of its kind that includes one of the oldest features in mobile computing, as the Moto G Stylus phone has its own feature with decent specifications and a stylus Electronic that responds surprisingly because it is not equipped with power, and it also offers all the specifications of smartphones that work with the use of the stylus like Samsung devices but at a cheaper price, which works with an application called Moto Note that allows the user to use his finger as an eraser when using the pen to draw something.

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4. LG Wing 5G:

Learn about the 6 strangest smartphones of 2020

The LG Wing 5G phone is one of the strangest phones for 2020, and even the most advanced, as the smartphone works with two screens, one of which rotates at the top to reveal another smaller screen, as the technology developed with the dual-screen of the LG phone works on the second screen and makes it rotatable to form in the end on The shape of the letter T.

5. Galaxy Z Fold 2:

Learn about the 6 strangest smartphones of 2020

Samsung is the leader in the manufacture of foldable phones, which has launched many foldable versions during the past two years, but during the year 2020 it announced a developer phone that brings significant improvements over previous models, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which looks like a small tablet in the way it works The new foldable device is distinguished by that three-quarters of the surface of the phone is a touch screen, as the developed device comes with an external screen measuring 6.23 inches of Super AMOLED, with a display resolution of 2267 x 819 pixels, and a refresh rate of 60 Hz and the internal screen measures 7.6 inches of type Dynamic AMOLED 2X, with a display resolution of 2213 x 1689, at a refresh rate of 120 Hz per second.

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6. ZTE Axon 20 5G:

Learn about the 6 strangest smartphones of 2020

Millions of smartphones come with holes in the screen dedicated to the front camera, but ZTE has found a solution to that problem through its developer ZTE Axon 20 5G phone, which is the first phone in the world to offer front camera technology hidden under the screen for selfie photography, where the phone screen came full It is devoid of any notch or holes for the selfie camera, as this technology is considered a third-generation technology of cameras, which is expected to be seen by a number of phones in 2021, which will provide this technology in the future.