Samsung’s handset sales this year have fallen below 300 million units

For the first time in nine years, sales of Samsung, the technology leader, have fallen below 300 million units this year.

According to a report issued by South Korea, the company was expecting these numbers, given the Coronavirus pandemic.

Samsung plans to significantly promote foldable smartphones in 2021 while expanding the entire lineup of models supporting low and middle-class 5G networks.

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The report indicated that Samsung’s total sales by the end of the third quarter amounted to 189.4 million units, and the company’s total sales this year are estimated at 270 million units.

Samsung intends to ship 307 million mobile phones in 2021, of which 287 million are smartphones, and the rest are non-smartphones.

In addition, Samsung plans to produce a total of 49.8 million flagship phones, including the Galaxy S21 series and foldable phones, in 2021. The Samsung foldable phone may replace the company’s Note series in the second half of next year.

Samsung phone shipments are expected to increase next year, given all the strategies followed.

The company developed a plan that matches its plans before the emergence of the Coronavirus, coinciding with the global economy showing signs of gradual recovery, and is looking forward to shipping 300 million phones annually again.

With Huawei’s current troubles, Samsung has a large market space to cover to fill the market gap left by the US sanctions against Huawei.

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And if it can unveil some more affordable 5G devices, it could win that space and capture a larger share of the emerging market.

According to the report, Samsung wants – after the official release of the Galaxy S21 series – to reveal a series of phones that support low-cost 5G networks.

The South Korean company is currently developing 5G models of the Galaxy A22, Galaxy A32, Galaxy A52, and Galaxy A72 phones, and unlike the newer flagship models, these phones still have a 3.5 mm headphone port.