Huawei ready to supply iPhone with 5G chips

A new report published by the Engadget website revealed that Huawei plans to supply its next-generation Apple mobile phone with its chipsets and chipsets, which will help connect to the fifth-generation mobile services network, for 5G networks.

According to the report, Apple will only be able to launch its iPhone 5G connectivity by 2021 due to the inability of Intel, the leading provider of wireless chipsets in Apple mobile devices, and there are legal disputes with Qualcomm, which Is a leader in the 5G chipset, so there is no collaboration between them, and the efforts of Apple engineers are likely to lag behind in developing their LTE chipsets by 2021.

Huawei launches its new phones with a special Hongmeng OS

Huawei has developed the fifth-generation Balong 5000 chip, the first processor from the Chinese company for the new generation, and has refused to provide other companies with this chip, which is expected to be offered to Apple, especially as it is compatible with LTE networks, And also depends on the technology of waveforms “mm-Wave 5G”, and yet there was no desire on the part of Apple in the use of Huawei technology.

Huawei launches its new phones with a special Hongmeng OS

The report also included a presentation difficult conditions faced by “Huawei” within the United States of America, relations between the two sides are very tense, especially with the ongoing reports launched by the US government, about the complicity of the Chinese giant with the Chinese government, and leaked user data around the world, and inviting various countries for not dealing With them, which may stand in the way of verification of the report.