Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Coming With Phones in 2019

Smartphone processors indirectly compete with each other. All of the phones firstly characterized in the leading category from the middle and the economic category mainly because of its processor.

Phones vary in each category depending on the type of processor, the manufacturer and the capabilities presented to each phone, As Samsung announced its new Exynos 9820 processor, Qualcomm also announced another new processor, Snapdragon 855, the world’s leading 7nm mobile phone, Here we will review the advantages of this new slide and its most important features, so follow us.

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Networks and Communications:

The Snapdragon 855 supports 5G (X24) communications modem that can transmit data at the massive rate of 2 Gbps, competing with the new Samsung Exynos 9820, but it will not be available automatically on all phones. It will be an option for every company to Choose it on their phones or not.

In addition, the new chipset will support the sixth generation Wi-Fi technology, the fastest and newest, to be first seen on smartphones and may come with a 10 Gigabit per second data transfer capability.


Speed & Performance:

Qualcomm promises that its new processor is more powerful, saying it will deliver 20% faster graphics performance thanks to the built-in Adreno 640 graphics processor, while the core processor will help improve the overall performance of the chip by 45% over the previous chip, thanks to an 8-core processor works to save energy for the phone 7 times better than before.

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Artificial Intelligence:

Qualcomm also added the Hexagon 690 chip for artificial intelligence, which works on voice, image, and text. It will also provide voice isolation in calls to improve the quality of the call, as well as its ability to activate the isolation in images taken on the phone or even downloaded From the Internet.

In the field of camera improvement, Qualcomm has also added personal photography and portrait technology to be recognized and processed technically without resorting to traditional methods, which makes it similar to the results of HDR and 4K imaging. Automatic and easy instead of resorting to external editing programs for editing photo wallpapers.

They also support images from the new HEIF extension, which helps triple-click cameras capture the image with each lens, and then combine the three images together in high quality.


Support New Technologies:

The new processor supports the built-in fingerprint recognition sensor, which means that we will see new developments in 2019, which may confirm that the new Samsung Galaxy S10 will be available on the market.

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In another area, Qualcomm announced the new Snapdragon 8cx processor for mobile tablets that has recently replaced the PC or laptop and is running Windows. The processor may officially reach the market in the second half of 2019 and come with a new graphics processor from the Adreno 680 To deliver the low performance of the previous Adreno 650 processor, the first processor for the 7-nanometer transceiver, which means a lot of power, effort and unmatched speed in performance, and will support the rapid charging technology for the first time in these devices.