An iPhone vulnerability that allows anyone to send text messages without opening the lock

Cybersecurity experts have revealed a major security flaw in the iPhone’s “hackers “ protection system, which enables anyone to send text messages and make calls from your phone without having to unlock the phone.

According to the Daily Mail, hackers can use voice assistance, Siri, to break your phone lock, make calls and send messages without any prior experience or training on hacking.

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Since 2015, Apple has been providing all iPhone handsets with Siri voice help, and although this technology can be very useful in things like setting the alarm clock and verifying the weather voice without having to press any buttons, Is a serious security vulnerability on your computer.

Cyrillic experts have revealed that “Siri” is listening to orders until the phone is closed, allowing the user or anyone else to give them some commands, including sending a message or making a phone call.

For example, anyone who can access your phone can order Siri to call the last number dialed on the device or send a text message to any name on the phone.

The only hurdle is that the spam voice is similar to that of the device user until the command is executed successfully.

I discovered the vulnerability in iOS 11, and it was not clear whether the company had fixed the bugs in iOS 12.

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Users who want to protect their phones from this error can switch to their device settings, choose Siri & Search / Siri, and then disable the “Allow Siri When Locked” option.