Apple seeks to protect its users from “Automatic Subscription”

Apple seeks to protect its users from

Apple seeks to protect its users from “Automatically” subscription to paid applications and services.

Apple is seeking to develop a new feature to protect its smartphone users from unintentional subscription to paid services and applications from its Apple Store.

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The new feature comes in the form of an alert message, asking the user to press the “OK” button to confirm the subscription or “Cancel” to cancel it.

One of the application developers, David Bernard, in a tweak on his personal Twitter account, praised the new feature, which began piloting some iPhone users.

“The new approach will make it easier for the user to pay attention to the sign-up process if he or she approves it by touching the TouchID sensor,” he said.

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The technology expert pointed out that “The form and application of the new feature needs to be some adjustment in terms of design and presentation, and called on Apple to need to be updated with the arrival of the next operating version iOS 13.”