Huawei phones will not support Harmony OS before 2020

Huawei phones will not support Harmony OS before 2020

Huawei, the Chinese electronics giant, has settled the controversy over when to launch a phone that supports its new Harmony OS, stressing that this will not happen in 2019 or next year.

Huawei has reiterated that its smartphones will not support the operating system Harmony OS in 2019, confirming its commitment with the system, “Android”.

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According to the next web, Vincent Yang, vice president of Huawei, said that Huawei smartphones continue to support the system “Android” as long as the partnership with Google.

Because of the many news that mentioned the desire of Huawei phones to launch a smartphone that supports the system Harmony OS Yang came out with a statement to confirm that the Chinese company will not provide a phone that supports the system Harmony OS in 2019 or next year.

This means that the smartphones that Huawei will launch this year will support the Android system, including the phone Huawei Mate 30, which is expected to be unveiled in September, according to leaks.

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But Yang did not rule out the idea of ​​relying on the new system if relations with Google were severed, especially since the US government blacklisted the Chinese company.

Huawei has previously reported that Harmony OS will be launched with other smart devices, such as smart TV or smart home devices.

It is noteworthy that Huawei has already launched the first smart TV supports Harmony OS named Honor Vision and is priced in Pakistan about Rs. 59,999.