What Makes the HUAWEI Y Series So Attractive?

What Makes the HUAWEI Y Series So Attractive?

Press Release – Huawei, best known for its camera capabilities and innovation has come out with many great phones over the years – catering to every category in the market.

Be it a high-end flagship device or an entry-level budget phone, Huawei seems to have it all. In Pakistan, Huawei’s midrange segment – HUAWEI Y Series has always been the most popular not just category-wise within Huawei phones but also amongst competitors.

So if you’re wondering why this series is so highly anticipated or if you’re considering a switch, you have come to the right place. Here’s why HUAWEI Y Series continues to reign supreme in the entry-level and midrange category of smartphones in Pakistan.

The Game-changing HUAWEI Y5 Prime has Finally Arrived

A Great Camera Line-up

Continuing with its global leadership in innovation and technology, if there’s one thing Huawei can get right every single time, it’s the camera. This year alone Huawei has upped its Y Series line-up with a pop-up selfie camera, and triple AI camera at the back. More so, the camera setup is the best in the price range it comes in.

Price that Suits the Pocket

Nowadays with the growing digital opportunities, the demand for high tech devices has drastically increased.

The need for a good photograph, long lasting battery life, and other high specifications for day to day tasks has become a necessity for everyone. And for many, these needs have a price tag they do not wish to exceed. This is where the HUAWEI Y Series fits the consumer expectations perfectly.

Flagship Experience in a Midrange Series

Given the trend, Huawei, a leader in smartphone cameras, invests its R&D resources and works with market leaders to push the boundaries of smartphone photography and provide consumers a solution to their needs.

HUAWEI Y Series specifically caters to the youth by introducing high-tech devices, tailored for young users, featuring FullView Displays and quad-camera all in a very sleek design. To keep it all running, a huge battery is ideal for all consumers’ needs.

Huawei unveils Ultimate Midrange Smartphone HUAWEI Y9 2019 in Pakistan

A Fuller View in a Stylish Design

Looking at the line-up of HUAWEI Y Series, this year the company brought forth the HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019 that comes with a cutting-edge FullView notch-less display of 6.59” and a 128GB ROM for all the storage you need. If that wasn’t enough, the smartphone’s performance is also nothing short of a flagship device thanks to its Kirin 710F chipset.

This encapsulated in a compact design that will make you the envy of everyone you meet. Not only that, but the smartphone also sports a visionary 16MP Auto Pop-up camera with 16MP + 8MP + 2MP AI triple-camera on the back. Additionally, the chic design and colours of the series also set it apart from the competition.

But it doesn’t end here as the company looks to bring more innovative devices on newer price points in its Y Series line-up to keep its consumers aspiring for more.