Amazing ways to extend the life of Android phone batteries

Amazing ways to extend the life of Android phone batteries

The tremendous development in the smartphone sector from modern applications and huge screens with great features, prompted many phone companies to develop batteries for these phones to spend more time in use away from the chargers.

Many suffer from the depletion of their batteries, especially devices that rely on the system “Android”.

How to boost the speed of smartphones and return them as new

Here are some guidelines to improve battery life and prevent draining quickly during the day:

  • Uninstall apps: by uninstalling apps that we don’t use constantly, relying on a number of apps that don’t consume too much battery.
  • Clear the cache: which may be causing the battery drain, by clearing the cache of all your applications.
  • Check apps: To see which apps drain your battery in Android phones, tap Settings, then Device, then Battery.

    When you reach that stage, you can see a list of all apps and how much battery power you’re using.

  • Remove unimportant apps from the main interface: weather updates, Twitter or Facebook, by removing them in the trash.
  • Switch to flight mode: If you are not waiting for an important connection you can activate flight mode while you sleep. Also, turn off Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi. This helps the battery last until the morning, especially if it’s weak.
  • Turn off the GPS if you do not need: This application is one of the applications that consume large amounts of battery power.
  • Energy-saving mode: By activating the phone on this app.

10 Tips and Tricks that every iPhone user should know

  • Screen Opacity: Some Android apps have a dark mode, where the screen uses a black background instead of a light background. Using dark mode can help save battery life, especially for phones that use OLED displays, as black pixels are basically off pixels.
  • Phone cooler: Decompose your phone batteries faster when they are hot, whether you use the phone or not, just avoid leaving your phone in hot places.
  • Factory settings: You can try to reset your phone to factory settings. This can help if the problem is that the operating system or some downloaded data is corrupted.