10 Tips and Tricks that every iPhone user should know

iPhone users are mostly not aware of the magic that can be done using their phones by just simple tricks. Let’s have a look at some interesting tips and tricks for iPhone users to use them on regular basis. Few of them are already known to people like spotlights or trackpad mode but what else can be done using them.

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Security Code Autofill

Security codes are a usual part of logging into your phone’s apps, services and even websites. Security Code Autofill makes it even easier to deal with these codes by influencing the iOS QuickType keyboard to submit codes with a single click.

Trackpad Mode

Trackpad Mode enables users to specifically move the text cursor to an exact position while editing text. It has been a part of 3D Touch-enabled iPhones for some time, but iOS 12 wants it easy so that any iOS device could use Trackpad Mode by long-pressing on the space bar.

Move multiple apps

Another interesting feature that more people are aware of is the ability to move multiple apps than ever before, it seems like there’s a large number of iPhone users who t doesn’t know that such a feature exists. It’s one of the useful tips listed.

AirDrop Passwords

If you need to share a password with a trusted person just long-press on the password field in Settings then in Passwords & Accounts, choose the AirDrop option to send it over without wire connections.

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Select/deselect multiple photos

Quickly select or deselect your images in the select mode in the Photos app by dragging your finger across multiple photos.


Tired of using your phone by changing hand positions to reach the upper areas of the larger iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, or you need to use it single-handedly. Reachability function allows you to pull screen content down so you can easily reach with your thumbs.

Print to PDF

If you want to print to PDF, do it by using a simple pinch or 3D Touch gesture, the print functionality in iOS allows you to easily print without an AirPrint-enabled printer


Spotlights are much handier than just providing flash or flash light like it can do a lot of unknown magic we don’t know to exist. Iphone users can do real-time currency conversion, arithmetic, weight conversions, web searches, and so much more by simply using a spotlight.

Quick Toggle AirDrop and Personal Hotspot

Instead of going into the Settings app to adjust settings, use the Control Center shortcuts to save time. You’ll find a toggle for AirDrop and Personal Hotspot by doing a long-press or 3D Touch on the toggles section of Control Center.

Quick switch between two apps

If you are using an app and want to swap between the two apps you can do it using the Home indicator swipe gesture on iOS devices lacking a Home button. Before swiping right on the Home indicator, you interact with an app or alternate between the last two apps.

Hopefully, these tips will help the user save some time and make the workflow easy and quick.