OPPO showcases new capabilities of CameraX technology at Google Developers Conference

OPPO showcases new capabilities of CameraX technology at Google Developers Conference

OPPO announced that it will be among the list of smartphone companies that support “CameraX” technology from Google , and the latest imaging technologies offered by OPPO in cooperation with “CameraX” for the first time through the phone Reno 10x Zoom, as part of the events of Google Developers Conference in China During the event, the two companies unveiled the full range of smartphones to be launched by OPPO which will support the new technology.

The Google CameraX is an Android solution that enables developers to enhance their photography experiences and features using the original imaging application found in the smartphone, and a range of OPPO smartphones will support this technology from Google, including Reno 10x Zoom.

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and by integrating CameraX into OPPO smartphones; developers can now take advantage of OPPO’s leading imaging technologies, using a few lines of code that do not exceed two lines, and without the need for specific smartphone code.

Developers can now use the advanced capabilities of HDR and OPPO Beauty to improve the performance of their phones.

Andy Wu, Vice President of Software Engineering at OPPO, said:“OPPO is always committed to delivering a better user experience through innovative phones that people around the world rely on. In imaging technologies”.

“We look forward to continuing to lead the development of the most innovative applications in a time of smart connectivity and contribute to a better life for our smartphone users worldwide,” Wu said.

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OPPO is one of the first companies to support CameraX right from the start, when OPPO made its innovative imaging technologies available to all developers, giving them the opportunity to better deliver their application experiences to users of OPPO applications.

At the Google Developers Conference in China 2019, OPPO presented the new capabilities in its smartphone Reno 10x Zoom. The OPPO stand invited visitors to experience the smartphone using CameraX technology once, and without it again through the CameraX Basic application, and visitors noticed a tremendous improvement in the quality Image.

Attendees were also able to take advantage of advanced technologies offered by OPPO smartphones such as HDR and Beauty to capture high-quality images.

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OPPO, as one of the leading companies in imaging technology, is constantly innovating in the latest imaging technologies using smartphones and related fields. By expanding the capabilities of its cameras via CameraX, OPPO aims to enable developers from other companies and organizations to take advantage of OPPO’s leading technologies in the field of photography, to create more diverse applications, to meet the needs of users, and get more professional photography experiences, and excellence for all users around the world.