How to boost the speed of smartphones and return them as new

How to boost the speed of smartphones and return them as new

Some people buy a new phone thinking that the old phone will not return as it was, after using it for several years and notice the slowdown it has become. But before you decide, you need to take five simple steps to boost your smartphone speed and return it as it was.

Clear Cache

Technology experts emphasize the need to clear the cached data, as the cache; storage system in your smartphone gives the device data from previous uses, and when they are full, the device will have to scan the memory completely for the required data, which can be a major source of drain in Download times.

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If the space in the phone’s cache is cleared, the effect will be noticeable, especially when opening a web pages and using applications and other functions of the phone.

Rarely Used Applications

They stressed the need to deal well with the management of your applications, if you do not manage your applications effectively, they can drain the performance of your phone, if you delete any unused applications will free memory, and the performance of the processor of the device better.

Always Reinstall App

It is advisable to delete regularly updated applications, such as Twitter and Facebook, and reinstall them continuously, because older updates do not delete and increase memory.

Update to Latest OS

They pointed out that not updating the operating system can slow your device, as updating the device with the latest version of the system is useful, and if your phone uses an old operating system, it can slow down your device, so it is very important that the device is updated with the latest version of the operating system, as this will keep On the speed of the machine.

Performance Optimizer Apps

Performance optimization comes as no matter how many of them can be downloaded to help improve phone performance, reduce the amount of time it takes apps to run, and there are apps that help clear cache space.

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Timely Replace Battery

Finally, replacing the battery is an important step if the previous steps did not help increase the speed of the phone, and replacing the battery can contribute to the speed of the device.

Over time, smartphones drain their battery significantly, which is why an old or inefficient battery can cause performance problems and should be replaced to ensure the phone runs as efficiently as possible.