Leaked List Of All Samsung Phones That Will Get Android 10

Leaked List Of All Samsung Phones That Will Get Android 10

News circulating about the operating system Android that there is a list of all Samsung phones that will get the Android 10 system, launched by Google earlier this month.

It is known that the release of the final version of the new versions of the Android system is first and then taken by smartphone manufacturers to ensure that they work with their devices, and then add their own user interfaces during a process that may take months.

Although some companies – such as HMD – are quick to launch the latest version of Android for their phones due to the use of the raw version of the system or close to it, others are delayed in its launch, including those companies that have their own user interface.

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Today the site said (Android Pure) your Android Pure: It ‘s got a screenshot reveals the list of an update to the Android 10 special Samsung, which include many of the concatenate Korean company phones.

According to the list, the Samsung phones that will get Android 10 are:

  • Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S10E.
  • Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus.
  • Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10 Plus.
  • Galaxy Note 9.
  • Galaxy M40, Galaxy M30, Galaxy M30 S, Galaxy M20 and Galaxy M10.

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The list also includes Galaxy J series mid-range phones, including:

  • Galaxy J8.
  • Galaxy J6, Galaxy J6 Plus.
  • Galaxy J4, Galaxy J4 Plus.
  • Galaxy J7 Duo, Galaxy J7 2018.
  • Galaxy J5 2018.
  • Galaxy J3 2018.

Also on the list:

  • Galaxy A90 5G.
  • Galaxy A80.
  • Galaxy A70.
  • Galaxy A60.
  • Galaxy A50, Galaxy A50s.
  • Galaxy A40.
  • Galaxy A30, Galaxy A30s.
  • Galaxy A20, Galaxy A20e.
  • Galaxy A10e, Galaxy A10s, Galaxy A10S.
  • Galaxy A9, Galaxy A9 Star Lite, Galaxy A9 Pro 2019, Galaxy A9.
  • Galaxy A7.
  • Galaxy A6, Galaxy A6 Plus.
  • Galaxy A8, Galaxy A8 Star Lite.

The tablets included the Galaxy Tab S5e, Galaxy Tab S4, Galaxy Tab A 2019 and Galaxy 2018.

It seems that Samsung phones launched in 2017 will not get the update, such as:

  • Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus.
  • Galaxy Note 8 Plus.

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Among the phones that are unlikely to get the update:

  • Galaxy A8 Plus, Galaxy A8s.
  • Galaxy A6s.
  • Galaxy A7 2018.
  • Galaxy A40s.
  • Galaxy G4 Core.
  • Galaxy G2 Core, Galaxy G2 Pro.
  • Galaxy G7 Prime 2.

Although the list did not specify when the phones will get Android 10, it is expected to be the beginning of the flagship smartphones, the series (Galaxy S) and (Galaxy Note).