Xiaomi introduces its next smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9

Xiaomi has once again made its mark by introducing its next phone Xiaomi Mi 9, arriving next week equipped with three cameras. The co-founder and director at Xiaomi Chuan Wang of the Chinese division posted some pictures taken with a new smartphone as camera samples.

First is the picture of a bunch of flowers in dull lighting, next is a picture of golden Labradors followed by a crab. Two of them have a watermark in the lower left corner, which shows the main shooter of the triple camera will be 48 MP.

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The unbelievable picture quality shows details in all three photos. Looking at the photo of flowers it clearly shows every individual petal is separated by the different amount of light and it is captured perfectly. Even though the flowers are artificial still they look realistic by colors and shadows.

The golden Labrador is also a beautiful photo in terms of details. You can notice every fine piece of hair clearly, you can see the differences in the dogs’ noses, the reflection of Wang in the eyes of the pups is amazing. This photo is taken outside in pretty nice weather during midday so it is evident the camera would perform well.

In the third photo of the crab, it is in an aquarium, besides the fact that water itself reflects the light tremendously but this photo looks incredible. All the details, including some air bubbles, make it more interesting. The clarity of water even shows the big chunk of air on the upper left side, which tells that the camera received more details in one take. It was surely taken with Night Mode.

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After its launch, we are definitely expecting this camera to perform exceptionally and proved that this worth spending on.