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After ‘Skullbreaker,’ trend on TikTok ‘Cha-Cha Slide’ goes viral

After ‘Skullbreaker,’ trend on TikTok ‘Cha-Cha Slide’ goes viral

Beware Pakistani fellows!! as if the “Skull-Breaker Challenge” wasn’t ridiculous enough, a brand new viral TikTok trend is making people dangerously snake their cars on the streets in sync with the song “Cha-Cha Slide”. Named...
TikTok has managed quite an exceptional accomplishment, surpassing the 1.5 billion downloads

TikTok launches “Family Safety Mode” for parents to give control

The "Tik Tok" app added a "Family Safety Mode" feature designed to give parents strict control over the behavior of teenage children on a mobile phone. The feature will allow parents to link their...
Google clinging to purchase of an application similar to TikTok

Tiktok’s parent company ByteDance considering to sell TikTok

The enterprise at the back of famous video sharing platform TikTok, ByteDance, is exploring the opportunity of selling the app because it appears to combat the pronounced country wide safety allegations from the us...
TikTok Patent ByteDance Will Launch a Music App

TikTok Parent ByteDance Will Launch a Music App

"ByteDance" the parent company of the "TikTok" application planning to launch a new music streaming app to compete Spotify named "Resso". TikTok Music App named Resso has been experimenting with India and Indonesia for the past...
Most Popular Pakistani TikTok Stars

Most Popular Pakistani TikTok Stars and There Popular Videos

Rise of TikTok is nowhere near to an end. TikTok fan count is increasing with every passing day, and users from all elements of the society with totally different backgrounds are currently turning into...