South Korean phones giant Samsung is known for phones with high performance and high-quality cameras and screens. Even in the midrange and middle tier phones.

Samsung can differentiate its phones in the industry with high-quality cameras and it’s Super AMOLED screens, and maintain its leadership of the smartphone market. The company has recently announced the release of two new cameras for 48-megapixel cameras and 32-megapixels. Today we will introduce you to those sensors which makes them capable to get these results and when we may see them in the company’s future phones, follow us.

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ISOCELL Technology:

Samsung has recently announced two new sensors for smartphones named the ISOCELL Plus brand. The first sensor comes with 48 megapixels and is an ISOCELL Plus Bright GM1 sensor. The second sensor comes with 32 megabytes, an ISOCELL Plus Bright GD1 sensor.

ISOCELL technology is small in size and has many pixels, making it the most suitable for dual, triple, and quad-band smartphones. ISOCELL delivers satisfactory results in many shooting modes, especially for the impressive Tetracell technology that can capture 4 pixels in just one pixel, Which gives a higher sensitivity to light on this sensor, that is, the ISOCELL Plus Bright GM1 and ISOCELL Plus Bright GD1 sensors can capture images with 12 megapixels and 8 megapixels, which can capture 1.6μm pixels.

These new sensors support electronic image stabilization technologies, based on the gyroscope sensor technology available on many smartphones, while the new ISOCELL Plus Bright GD1 sensor can support real-time HDR technology for recording videos as well.

As for the time when we will see these new sensors, Samsung has already entered the production stages of these two sensors, which makes us expect to reach the smartphones in the market with the beginning of the current year 2019, and one of the first phones that we expect this year is the Galaxy S10.

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Expectations From Galaxy S10

The S10 Plus is expected to come with four rear cameras as Samsung did with the Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 and a dual front camera. No other details are announced. We do not know much about their rear cameras, but we probably sure that Galaxy S10 will the first phone to get Samsungs new technologically advanced camera.