Apple has developed every year a new version of it’s operating systems iOS, which is always improved the most distinctive feature of the phones always. A newer iOS version not only improves features but also the security of the Apple systems as well, but it also often make large and effective updates to its devices, and today we will review the features of the latest version of the new operating system iOS 12.1.


Activate Face Time for group calls:

In this new version of the operating system, the conference calls feature has been developed on the Face Time application. It has been developed to accommodate up to 32 people. In addition, a non-disturbance mode is activated during the video call. You can also use new Memoji and Animoji emoticons during calls, and you can start them with the same application or message application.

Apple unveils all-new iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) with Face ID, USB-C, starts at $799, available Nov. 7, 2018

Find out how much data is consumed per application:

The older operating system was able to see which applications consumed the most power from the battery, but the new version of iOS 12.1 added another new feature, the knowledge of data consumption and the most data-intensive applications, and you can do so by following these steps:

– Go to the Settings menu.

– Then go to the cell phone list (Ceuller) to see the data consumption in each application.


Activate the e-SIM feature on the new iPhone:

Although the iPhone XS and the new iPhone XS Max have been supported for two dial-up segments, one of which is activated by the service provider, the new phones were not actually supported by the operating system, which is the new version of iOS 12.1, Two SIM cards are officially supported, and you can activate them through the operators that support this service in your area.


Add new emoticons:

Apple added to its new operating system a number of new emoticons up to about 70 expression code previously announced, but they were only available in the new iOS 12.1 update, and after the update you find them directly in the keyboard of the phone.


Development of Maps Application:

Apple has already announced its new Maps application with many features and is still developing it, but the application did not support many details in the maps, which was repaired by the new version. From the detailed maps and menus, you will be able to navigate through so that you can access all the favorite places and identify traffic conditions in each area.


Emergency SOS:

Users of iPhones and iPads are now able to register their location by calling the emergency service center in the event of an accident with them or any situation that requires sharing the location, which will facilitate access to them in emergency situations and accidents, thus contributing to the preservation of life.

Apple unveils all-new iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) with Face ID, USB-C, starts at $799, available Nov. 7, 2018

Improved Camera Software:

Although Apple has developed its new smartphone cameras, it has also added some improvements to the operating system to control the depth of the image, adding new animated emoticons Memoji and Animoji. It has also developed a face tracking feature to operate faster, Transfer different images from RAW tracks to and from your computer to phones, and iPad users will be able to easily edit these images now.