Samsung Galaxy S10 First Leak Reveals – Shocking New Design Features

It seems that Samsung likes to celebrate the upcoming tenth anniversary of the Galaxy S10 with a completely new design and approved leaks that the device will contain three cameras back and will support the technology of 5G in addition to other features have not been announced yet.

Reports reveal that Samsung is preparing for a screen device without any edges, with the integration of the fingerprint sensor, the Speaker and the front camera combined with the screen, and Samsung has explained that as well.

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The technology that Samsung has added to the market is called the Under Panel Sensors (UPS), a new technology that can hide the visible components on the front of the device, such as the camera lens and Face ID sensor, so that they only appear when used.

Previous technologies such as FoD, HoD and SoD are found in other companies such as ViVO Nex S and Oppo Find X. Samsung comes with UPS and the following technologies, which in turn will be a big step in the smart phone world.

This technology is available only to Samsung, which is seeking to meet customers’ wishes and to remove the notch from the smartphone market. Samsung has stated that this technology will be applied in the new S10.

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When will Samsung deploy this technology in the smartphone market? Is it possible for Samsung to withdraw the notch from a market ?! All we can do is just wait for these answers..!!