Samsung Galaxy S10 may include a dedicated artificial intelligence unit

Every year, Samsung announces its new Galaxy S series with new features and advancement in design, cameras, and performance and this year they announced there Samsung Galaxy S10, thanks to its outstanding Exynos processing chips. We have seen these types of advancements this year with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9 and The Galaxy S9 Plus with processor version of the Exynos 9810, powered by 10 nm.

There were rumors here that Samsung is planning to develop next year the new 7-nanometer technology to beat Huawei HiSilicon Kirin 980 chipset, which I released with there phone Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro.

Samsung will release the Samsung Galaxy S10, the flagship with a dedicated artificial intelligence unit (AI), which we will talk about today in this article, so follow with us to get to know this unit and the features you will provide for this phone if the rumors are correct.

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Most companies are now developing their processors with new artificial intelligence technologies, creating a new and interesting race among them, especially because of the fierce competition between Samsung and Huawei in this field. Qualcomm, a giant monopoly of smartphones now, and many of companies like these are connect artificial intelligence capabilities like the voice helper, which performs many tasks in phones and smart watches, even in homes thanks to the home speakers of each manufacturer, we now find great examples of Google Assistant, Assistant Siri from Apple and Bixby assistant from Samsun and Microsoft’s Cortana Assistant.

But now artificial intelligence technology is making its way to a huge development and entering into many areas we never imagined before. It is steadily moving towards improving its performance in many of the tasks it has already done, such as recognizing images, faces, and smiles. Its ability to recognize scenes, landscapes, animals, text, graphics, engineering designs and dimensions of objects as seen on the new Apple iPhone XS phones.

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AI now can even recognize music, melodies, and sounds, and can intelligently capture many voices and answer phone calls Talks are normal and smooth, and we’ve seen it recently on the new Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL phones.

It is also evolving now to identify the types of files and files that are not important and the user does not usually browse, and to know the user’s rest times, and how it can help in these times by eliminating the alerts and sounds that may be disturbed in this period, and many other features.

Many devices may still not be able to support all these technologies, but the future will be in the interest of companies that will develop these technologies for artificial intelligence only, and of course Samsung will not tolerate this and is preparing to enter the world of artificial intelligence strongly by the development of the unit The second-generation core processor NPU in Samsung Galaxy S10, according to various media sources, where they intend to develop the chipset and create a dedicated unit for artificial intelligence. We may see this technology clearly on the next Samsung Galaxy S10, which means we will see this The technique is through repelling R chipset Samsung ‘s new generation Exynos 9820 next year.

But let’s ask an important question at this point about the new phone. Will the US and China phones also get the same chips in the new phone next year? Or will it get a Qualcomm processors version as usual?

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In fact, the rumors and reports on the Internet have not tarnished this question, but they will probably do as they do every year. The Chinese and US versions of Qualcomm are also looking to enter this race and try to include their upcoming chipset Snapdragon 8150 with An artificial intelligence processing unit dedicated to competing with Samsung’s handset unit, let’s keep up with the events, and stay tuned for the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 phone news.