PlayStation 5 Will Be Launched on Holidays 2020

Sony has just confirmed the name of its next game console and its release date. The console is called the PlayStation 5 and will not go on sale until the Christmas sales season of 2020.

The company also announced several changes that it will make to the PS5 controllers. The company exclusively provided Wired with the details, which is not the first time Sony has done this with the PlayStation 5. The head of Sony’s PlayStation division, Jim Ryan, shared the details.

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In the PlayStation 5, we are waiting for a new interface and a redesigned game installation system. It will allow you to install the components you need without the rest of the content, for example, only a storyline campaign or only multiplayer. You can also remove components one at a time. For example, a storyline campaign as soon as it is completed.

Sony has also confirmed the transition to the PlayStation 5 on 100 GB Blu-ray discs. Previously, the company confirmed that the console has a drive for discs. However, all games will need to be installed on the built-in solid-state drive. Special attention is paid to the SSD itself – it is very fast and represents one of the main hardware changes in the console. SSDs will not only significantly speed up the process of reading information, but also games will take up less space.

The prototype controller resembles the current DualShock 4. The controller is equipped with adaptive triggers. They provide different levels of resistance and make the sensations more realistic. For example, during archery – the resistance increases as the bowstring are pulled, and shooting from a machine gun will also differ from shooting from a shotgun. Another promised tactile feedback technology, which will provide more options for feedback.

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The information was released by Jim Ryan, executive director of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Wired noted some console features:

  • The device will have hardware support for the ray tracing effect.
  • An SSD-drive will be built into the console, providing, among other things, high-speed loading of locations.
  • The controller (not yet named, but probably just called DualShock 5) resembles the previous model. He will have “adaptive” triggers R2 and L2, game developers will be able to track the force of pressing in certain actions.
  • The vibration will give a greater feedback effect. If a player hits the border of asphalt and dirt in the Gran Turismo Sport game running on the PS5, then he will feel different vibrations from two surfaces at once.
  • The controllers will receive a USB Type-C connector. Gamepads will be a little heavier than the DualShock 4 due to the voluminous battery, but still lighter than Xbox controllers with batteries inside.
  • Users will be able to customize the installation data. For example, if the user is only interested in multiplayer in Call of Duty, then a single-player campaign can be omitted.
  • Studios have already received PS5 Devkits and are preparing future games. Among them is Bluepoint Games, which released a remake of Shadow of the Colossus in 2018. “We are currently working on something large-scale,” said the head of the studio.