Call of Duty Mobile is available for Android and iOS

Call of Duty Mobile is available for Android and iOS

Activision has made a big bang for the mobile version of its popular Call of Duty game, where users can download the game with ease on Android and iOS.

Call opf Duty is a first-person shooter, a free game, featuring lots of maps, weapons, In the beginning, it must be known to followers what is the game Cool or Dwight as this game has spread in the recent period significantly, though it is testing the abilities and skills of the players, as well as it has changed its features to the best possibilities, and can display different ways to play them, and can play Down through the distinctive steps.

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It can be said that the game is considered one of the best games in recent times because of the presence of many bombs, pistols and various weapons in it, and can display news on this matter through the latest game version, and can display details of amazing abilities and experience exclusive uses through the vision and added.

You can ensure instant gameplay with tilt mode, another feature and amazing Bluestacks, plus a large computer screen features an easy mouse and keyboard usage, and faster and more convenient Internet connectivity. Stay options can be displayed through the stunning game view and displayed to users in a large and distinctive way.

and characters from the Call of Duty series, and includes 5 different online multiplayer modes including Free-For-All, Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, and Domination.

It also has a gameplay mode that is quite similar to the game Babji, where the player descends to the battlefield of 100 players moving against each other, can be played either in a team of 4 players, or a team of 2 players, or individually in a battlefield to fight and win, while the game needs For an Android phone running at least 2GB of RAM and Android Lollipop OS 5.1 or higher, as well as for iPhone, it will work on any iOS device running iOS 9 or higher.

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Game has become a popular pattern of play through the rise of the games and the night Knight, and can be returned to the beginning and contribute to the games of shooting, by displaying the details used in the game and its features and contents, the game has dominated the sector of the computer world significantly, and its main objective is to activate competition for other similar games.

Game administrators have collaborated in displaying games by launching the game, collaborating through the options and features you offer, and contributing to a multiplayer mode along with a zombie mode where you can fight humans or robots, and players can choose to participate as different characters such as price, ghost or Other in the game, and through other features supported by the game in the details and presentation of strategic things in it.

How and how to download the game easily and directly:

It can be said that the game can be downloaded to your device easily and through simple steps are as follows:

  • Download APK from APK Mirror.
  • Install APK.
  • Start the game after the initial loading screen.
  • Force stop the application to make sure that the game process has been killed.
  • Download the additional OBB file, and can extract files such as OBB, and can then be sure to save the file.

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How to play call of duty mobile on Android:
Call of Duty Mobile is available for Android and iOS

There are several modes to play, and one of these modes can be used easily, where the famous modes are displayed and the face of the players are selected online, can be shown to collaborate with them to destroy the living dead, and can display a few maps and the most famous through the place of play And its display options using the game.

Company began to accept pre-registrations several months ago, and two months after the launch of the closed beta version of the game is now available for beta testing CSS in specific countries, most importantly India, where the rest of the countries are not yet offered them, but do not worry because this does not mean that you can not experience this game now and can be displayed using the next period but today we talk about computers and several versions with other features.

Characteristics Game Call of Duty Mobile for Android:

There are many distinctive features, and can be displayed through the game company, and displayed through the intermediate or easy levels, and are displayed to play, graphics and graphics and wonderful shapes and dramatically impress and excel.

  • The game is free and there is no charge.
  • The game works on phones and computers both.
  • The game can be played through its latest version.
  • Many publications can be produced by different production companies, and there are many different levels and stages.

To determine the level of testing in the game, the game can be recognized by changing the parameters, and can be reached in the recent period, where it is displayed as any other shooting and shooting game, it is a game in which you will find yourself lost in the middle of fierce battles, with tons of guns, pistols and bombs Manual and any existing weapons, improve your skills by training harder and playing through legendary maps, what strategies will you use, whether you can play as a team or just looking for weapons, this game contains all the options and offers a wide variety and varied greatly.

There is a trial version of the game, which is compatible with Android devices, and was launched in several countries, and to benefit from them you need to change the country settings for one of these countries such as China, Australia and Canada, and can be followed and downloaded, while the original version is compatible with iPhone devices can be tried and played anywhere The world and without the need to be in Australia and this download the best VPN applications where after the game is running the application of Hotspot Shield or other through many countries that allow you to open and run the game, as the game is available to play in a simple and can be said to contribute At work on Woe choices are wonderful and distinctive through them.

About the manufacturer of Call of Duty Mobile for Android:
Call of Duty Mobile is available for Android and iOS

To know the manufacturer of the game, can see the details of the company, it can be said that it has a very high strength, as well as evolving through the future, and this well-known brand, saluting will offer the game for Android, a free game you can enjoy it on the mobile operating system whether Android, but may There are certain conditions for registration and play such as the need to use decryption software, but this is worth it entirely because it gives players a series of familiar images such as characters, maps, modes and weapons from all over the franchise, this is likely to be a bayonet in the coming time. To their vast mobile network, using the latest version of Call of Duty mobile for Android and its great details.

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Gameplay details of Call of Duty Mobile for Android:
Call of Duty Mobile is available for Android and iOS

If you look at the game you can simply say that it is a heroic epic, which uses a variety of weapons, and can be played through a large group of players, and the most important features, steps and instructions to play in the game of Call of Duty Mobile for Android:

  • Play with the team by engaging in action by working fast-paced online with many modes including Team Deathmatch, Frontline and more.
  • You can beat hordes of undead in stunning visual game blitz, play on your own or team up with your friends.
  • You have to test your skills in games in real-time.
  • You can challenge players from all over the world, as happens in various games like Peggy Mobile and Fort Knight.
  • Then you can wage war in the game maps including other things like characters and others.
  • You can play as characters from the game, and many other special things.
  • You’ll earn MLM, weapons, skills, and equipment from supply drops to customize your loading to build the ultimate soldier.
  • There are revolutionary FPS touch controls built from the ground up for mobile devices.
  • You can also fully customize the settings in Settings to play your way.
  • You can work with AAA-quality graphics with detailed images and stunning effects.
  • There are immersive 3D graphics for a great shooter experience.
  • You can also easily install and download the application through the link available on the site.
  • You just have to unzip the Obb file after downloading it.
  • Then move the game file to the place where the game was downloaded.
  • In case of not working you have to set up and run the VPN program and choose the country of Australia or China.
  • You can also download game files, which are usually obb, after learning all the information about the game