“Mario Kart” will be available for iPhone and Android phones

"Mario Kart" will be available for iPhone and Android phones

Super Mario fans are preparing to launch Mario Kart, one of the most popular Nintendo games ever made, and will soon be available on smartphones.

According to our correpondent, the game of Mario Kart is redesigned to accommodate the processors of the iPhone and Android phones, where the game will be launched in smartphones officially on September 25.

The idea of the game is to choose drivers and gliders that they want to use in racing through a variety of easy and challenging tracks.

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Nintendo said: “The new Mario Kart game provides players with tracks inspired by physical locations such as New York, Tokyo, and Paris.”

Nintendo said that some tracks in New York, Tokyo and Paris will provide famous characters such as Mario in different forms depending on the local culture of those cities.

Although there are 7 days left to launch the game, Nintendo has posted a game trailer that reveals the fun of the game.

Users can enjoy the game at the same time of launch by pre-registering in the Apple store and Google Play Store now.

The game is available for free download and this may be an incentive for users to increase the percentage of game downloads especially as Super Mario games are of great interest to the players.

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“Mario Kart is available for smartphones in 8 days and I’m very excited,” said one Twitter user.

The following section shows more about the characters available in the game and the tracks used in the races in addition to the most important tourist attractions of some cities.