Microsoft defends Huawei in Trump court

Microsoft defends Huawei in Trump court

Microsoft‘s president accuses his government of being non-American in its dealings with the Chinese technology giant and that it should be allowed to buy US technology to avoid harming the interests of technology giants.

Huawei has a US heavyweight lawyer joining Microsoft in rejecting US President Donald Trump’s decision to ban a Chinese phone giant.

In the latest development of the ban on Huawei, the US president faces for the first time a clear position in opposing a walk that comes from within the US home and from one of the local technology giants.

Huawei phones will not support Harmony OS before 2020

On Monday, Microsoft chairman and chief legal officer Brad Smith accused his government of being non-American in its dealings with the Chinese technology giant and that it should be allowed to buy US technology.

Microsoft’s chief legal officer said the way his government handled Chinese telecoms giant Huawei was unfair. In an interview with Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Smith suggested that action against Huawei should be reviewed to ensure that anything done has a “sound basis, in reality, logic and the rule of law.” In inference.”

“What we get in return is that they (the US administration) tell us if you know what we know, you will agree with us,” he said.

Smith directly criticized Trump himself about the situation with Huawei, and linked what is happening in the technology industry with what can happen in the hotel sector, which Trump has more knowledge, said: “Tell a technology company that it can sell products but can not buy an operating system or Chips, like telling a hotel company that they can open their doors but cannot put beds in hotel rooms or food in their restaurant, either way, you endanger the survival of that company. “

Huawei unveils the latest Kirin 990 processor chipset with 5G technology

Smith’s welcome warning at Shenzhen is that there will be material consequences for the global technology sector as a result of the US confrontation with Huawei and its resource constraints, which will hit US companies hard. He argues that before any action is taken, the effects should be carefully evaluated.

US companies are increasingly complaining about the ban on Huawei, which has caused them great damage, was reflected in the decline in shares of companies supplying Huawei components.

Of course, Huawei will take the biggest blow with the loss of US technology from Google. It is hard to imagine a lack of Gmail, Google Maps and access to the Google Play Store, but Google itself is also rallying toward a softer US position.

Huawei launches the new and advanced version P30 Lite New Edition

Google has expressed concern that not allowing it to update the Android system on Huawei smartphones away from buying this technology and also other applications.

This has already happened where Huawei has launched a smartphone operating system under the name “Harmony OS”, and began to gradually emerge from the mantle of Android system, produced by Google, which has already warned that this happens.

Google then responded to Washington’s claims that the Chinese company posed a threat to the United States by saying that the Trump administration risked jeopardizing US interests if it continued to restrict the export of US corporate products to Huawei.

All eyes are on the imminent launch of the Mate 30 series to see how Huawei plans to launch new products despite US restrictions.