Huawei P30 Series Sets A New Standard For Smartphone Elegance

Huawei P30 Series Sets A New Standard For Smartphone Elegance

On September 6, Huawei launched the new HUAWEI P30 Pro at the IFA Berlin to set new standards for smartphones. In addition to the distinctive design concept and advanced image technology unique to the P series phones, the new phone features modern design touches and two new colors. The HUAWEI P30 Pro offers stunning and improved image and video editing features, while the new EMUI10 user interface allows you to experience smartphones from an innovative perspective.

Innovative aesthetic features: New possibilities from a unique perspective

The P series is of interest to young users because of its exceptional integration of technology, fashion, and beautiful designs. The new phone is inspired by nature and comes with two new designs featuring a matte and glossy surface. The mobile phone is a whole new trend.

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The P30 Pro integrates performance and design. The camera lens area is designed with a high-gloss surface while the grip area comes with a matte surface that doesn’t leave a fingerprint. The matte and glossy surfaces blend in a seamless way to form a multi-layered blend and intense visual effect in which Huawei has overcome the problems of the large glass back panel.

An advanced and multifaceted shooting experience for creativity with ease

Huawei added night-time selfies to the night mode of the HUAWEI P30 Pro’s camera, based on a high-sensitivity imaging algorithm to illuminate faces and enhance their beauty while taking pictures at night, making the cheeks look richer, more natural and with three-dimensional features. It also reduces the brightness of light in the background and improves detail in dark areas without increasing the background light flow, ensuring a clear, natural and 3D selfie at night.

The AI ​​capabilities help you create simple and fun videos, whether you’re shooting or editing videos. The new and improved AI video editing feature (HUAWEI AI Vlog Editing) allows you to create videos manually, as well as create music videos and photos. Using the content in your phone’s studio, all in one click. Once the video is automatically created, users can personalize content by adding more music, using filter filters, effects, favorite movie metrics, and even adding more videos.

The HUAWEI P30 Pro’s Leica Ultra-Sensitive Quad-camera system also provides professional light-sensitive imaging capabilities, while harnessing a high level of technological innovation that is drawing new features for 40 years of digital imaging experiences. This phone is an unrivaled innovation in low-light shooting experiences. The camera has a maximum optical sensitivity of ISO 409600, ensuring users to shoot night scenes with ease and the highest levels of clarity and quality. The HUAWEI P30 Pro also offers superior focus settings with a hidden telephoto lens that provides high-quality professional zoom features, without the need for any auxiliary equipment, giving users the ability to take professional photos, enjoy photography and explore the beauty of the world around them.

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Support UI EMUI: Enhance smart life

HUAWEI P30 series users around the world are the first to experience the new EMUI10 upgrade. Using Huawei’s distributed technology, the new EMUI10 update will provide users with a more accurate and efficient smart experience for all scenarios and usage purposes. The new update is designed based on human factor research to provide a first-class user experience.

The EMUI10 update is based on a unique magazine-inspired design, reflecting the high aesthetic value and giving users more space and more transparent experience with greater ease of navigation within the interface. In addition, the design of the large-screen grid helps to give greater visual focus, thus removing any complications and making the screen more accurate. This effect is more pronounced in the aesthetic design of settings, calendar, contact list, and other interfaces to enhance the visual user experience. The design of the EMUI10 is inspired by the paintings of the famous Italian painter Giorgio Morandi. It has a hue of colors and a mysterious touch of elegance and balance.

While using a dark color display mode, gentle light helps protect eyes from glare without any color reflection. Huawei has conducted a series of tests on the ease and efficiency of reading and personal comfort of users in order to provide the best levels in terms of comfortable color contrast in the background, character variation and spatial contrast when using this model. Based on customer research, the company has selected the right color themes from background content to text icons to provide a more comfortable visual experience.

The addition of flexible touch, fluid motion, and a comfortable navigation experience throughout the interface menus will allow users to enjoy a highly visual and sensual viewing experience.

Exceptional phone: more than 10 million customers

The HUAWEI P30 series has grabbed the attention of global consumers since its launch in March 2019 thanks to its unique features, including a Leica ultra-sensitive quad camera with up to 10 times hybrid zoom, a high-performance long-life battery, and availability of amber sunrise phones. , Crystal white. The HUAWEI P30 series has achieved more than 10 million units of sales during the first 85 days of its launch, a record for Huawei flagship shipments.

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With its unique design that exemplifies the perfect synergy between advanced technology and elegant artistic touches, the HUAWEI P30 has won wide acclaim from many industry organizations around the world and recently won the ‘Best Smartphone of 2019-2020’ award by the Society of Photography and Sound Experts. EISA).

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) statistics, Huawei shipments of smartphones ranked second in the world and first in the Chinese market during the second quarter of 2019, and reached 118 million units during the first half of 2019, reflecting an annual increase of 24 %. In addition, Huawei’s unique system of AI-powered smartphones is gaining momentum today, and the number of developers globally registered with the company’s cloud services group has exceeded the threshold of 800,000 developers, while the number of users of Huawei devices and phones today reached 500 million users worldwide.