Kirin 990 processor will put Huawei phones firmly in Samsung competition

Kirin 990 processor will put Huawei phones firmly in Samsung competition

Huawei has confirmed the approaching launch date of its new processor, likely called “Kirin 990 ″, through the account” Huawei Mobile “on the site” Twitter “.

The company used the tweet marking #HuaweiIFA2019, reflecting its intention to launch it at the IFA 2019 Berlin conference, which is likely to start in early September.

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The company said in a previous tweet, it will hold a conference to launch its new processor on September 6, the first day of the Berlin conference this year.

The company has not yet officially revealed any specifications for its next processor, but many reports have confirmed the arrival of the advantage of supporting services of the fifth generation of mobile networks 5G in an original way to carry an internal chip, unlike the last generation “Kirin 980“, which relied on the operation of 5G services via Separate “Huawei” chip Balong 5000 5G.

It is expected that the “Kirin 990 ″, in two versions, one supports 4G LTE and the other supports 5G, when it comes on the level of phones” Huawei “Mate 30, which is expected to be launched in October, and be the first phones” Huawei “operating With its new processor, which has been confirmed to be better than the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and Samsung Exynos 9825.

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It is also expected that the capacity of the new processor will be upgraded to be able to provide the phones that will work with the ability to record 4K quality videos at 60 frames per second, double the clarity of the last generation, which was only 30 frames per second.